Saturday, June 6, 2015

Packing and Cat Videos

With the hope and anticipation of moving in about two weeks, Andrea and I finally buckled down and did some packing today.  Even though we only worked through our bedroom and bathroom, it feels like we got a lot done.  It's amazing how much we stuffed inside our closet!  Looking forward to spreading all that stuff out a bit more when we move into our new place.

While we were working on that, Evelyn was playing with her rainbow rice on the porch unsupervised.  Huge mistake.  She managed to scatter rainbow rice to every single part of the deck, on the deck railings, on the chair, and in between every floorboard.  Basically, it was a rainbow rice explosion.  Looks like I'll be knocking on our downstairs neighbors door tomorrow morning and offer to clean the rice off their deck, too.

Evelyn continues to make her daddy proud with her commitment to swimming.  We really wanted to go down to the pool today because it's been cloudy and "cold" over the last three days.  This afternoon, she made a friend who seemed just a bit older than her - about three years old.  They splashed around and acted like turtles, while Andrea and I sloooowly made our way into the ice cold water.

Something else Evelyn has been committing to lately is watching funny animal videos after bath time.  Usually, she likes watching the cat ones, but she also enjoys the hamsters and dogs also.  Here's her current favorite:

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